Thriving In Temporary Time-Outs

Sometimes it sucks to have to wait. Being a fire sign does not help when you’re told to be patient either. However, being patient and just waiting offers its own beneficial gifts no matter how annoying it seems to endure.

Being patient allows us to stop, look, and listen. This forceful time-out and unwanted happening can be a gift from the universe believe it or not. By using this sudden pause to our momentum we have time to go within and notice life for what it is, Life.

We often can move so fast that we forget to milk our forceful pause for all its worth and notice it as an opportunity to gain inner clarity and observe the world around us.

The world offers lots of distractions and technology doesn’t make it any easier. The constant desire for stimulation can make silent pregnant pauses awkward and unwanted. Yet, we can take the time we are called to be patient to channel our angry energy of our hold-up and use it in a productive way where we can search within our souls to dwell in peace.

By confronting ourselves in these moments of delay we have a unique opportunity to can gain further clarity about ourselves and our situation.

It’s in the stillness of time in the arms of patience we can learn and discover more about ourselves and of those around us.

We have an opportunity to learn and grow in these moments where it seems all is lost and time isn’t on our side. For, in fact, everything exists within the now of time. For it’s in the now of time where life takes on its play and allows us to steadily embrace every moment of our lives. We can also begin to cherish these moments of pause as a beneficial experience.

This is no easy task and not for the faint of heart. But with practice, we can gain an appreciation of these moments where we are called to be patient by embracing every formation of our day and seeing a temporary universal pause to be patient as a gift, not a curse.


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Blindly Prompting

All is well in the world or so we think. They say the blind lead the blind but is this really so? I often think of life as rose blooming in the wind and then suddenly it curls rolls over and falls back to the ground it once came from. O’ the thorns that brace our stream of truth. Even the thorns take us for a ride to unpleasant guarded souls. However, our thorns heighten our beauty and we make the kind of rose of life.

Often then we see the day as a boss.But who are we? Are we the child or the guide? Often we see ourselves as the one, not in acting power but a participate to the truth we are unaware of hence, the blinding. Awaking hearts are but one substance

Awaking hearts are but one substance to our journey on this path called life. We seize the day knowing that we are called to a higher purpose even if we don’t admit it to be so. The journey foresees us in a valiant way as prosperous muses unaware of our inner power to ignite flames of creativity in a world where imagination is seen as child’s play. O the logic that sweet jest of logic carries us so far its infinite quality is contained in the thoughtless fight to maintain power over the will.

brain-2062057_640Then where is our imagination? Is it blind to the awaking to our souls? I surely hope not. Let’s free our imagination loose within and see how far our minds extend to areas of the unknown and discover how lovely our those areas. I see a day of refuge from the task master, Reason that merely extends a subtle nudge to the abyss of folly and ridiculing of others who play the arts as a jolly instrument to ignite their truthful expression. I don’t know of any other way to be true but to be true to myself and to others about the folly of diving into the blind pools of reason only to find limitations. I seek to be free. Do you? 

Ask yourself are you better today than yesterday? If yesterday were today would you be free? The day is not certain but the now is. I call upon you to be free and to live free as a bird in the sky that flies towards its target and destination. Seize the day and don’t let it seize you.

The definite is in the infinite and lost souls find themselves with dark hearts. Dark hearts, as in the lack of loveable intuition that guides them to the truth of all that is lovely and true. It is a beauty to be in search of the power within in that day we shall all rejoice that we have found an enduring truth that all along we had the power within to take back our unity to be one and to live free.

All in all the day has come and we shall overcome our doubts, fears, and expectations with fierce uncertainty boiled over with the truth of our time.doubt-479567_640

Yet, casting away doubt is our only way to be free and seek the truth that remains within our own souls. Letting go of disaster and taking care of one another in kind is where justice and truth lay together in a passionate almost sexual spot. Our unity together is divine and so are we. In a way of transgression, we see the truth laying bare our pride and lack of motivation to take on our own muses and seek to take the power of our oppression that seeks to distinguish our life force. rose-532458_640

So what then shall we call this here life? Shall we call it a merely bearable muse? Well, then it is like a rose of our choosing one that is filled with thorns. Yet, the beauty of our rose remains all the same and the life we choose is just the way it goes.

The cost of it all is very imaginable in if not in the near absence of impeccable just causes. We relate to one another as a friend. But are we really when the day is through dashing us to the floor of our truth? My reply is, yes. It is there in the lost embrace that we discover that we are all one and the same separate yet, apart of a greater good to unite our existence with that of a loving productive muse of our own wonderful human imagination.


If all our days are spent in misery how will we succeed? We have to choose to be the friend or foe to all that threaten to create madness in the world. However, hopefully, harmony is the justice of the plane we prefer. All seek to know but do they really find what they are looking for? I see it. It’s in you, it’s in me, it’s in all.

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Denial At All Costs?

2 of swords

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It’s cruel they say that thin line between love and hate.

If lovers can’t relate then denial is their fate. Temptation looms in desperation for an appealing alternative.

As callous intentions fuse drastic measures falter making their beds tragically into a cradle of lies. They Kiss.

Whispers in the dark erect like a rose-waving in the winds with breaths of deception casting its shadows in the light of the sun.

The innocents cry out for justice and declare themselves as wounded.

Yet, justice is for those who wait patiently until fairness blooms in their favor.

And what of the dove, the blind, and the perfectly indifferent muses?

It is love until winter comes and the vibrant lust once shared dims into a clueless obsession.

Denial vs. Reality

Sometimes denial allows the opportunity for us to suppress our inner knowing in order to protect our heart from pain. In some cases, it can seem easier to practice denial than to accept the truth so that we don’t have to confront a potentially cruel and harsh reality.

Yet, denial in its duality can also serve us as a defense against false allegations. In such cases, denial is our most faithful companion as we proclaim our truth in the midst of our judgment.

However, often denial can be our go to suppressor of our inner voice of truth. This occurs as painful circumstances seem too overwhelming to accept making denial seem more preferable. So often then denial is used to cover the truth.

Despite the best of efforts though the truth always remains even if it is masked under the wings of denial. Eventually, a moment arises where the light of the truth is blatantly exposed yet, denial is always there to send the light’s penetrating rays into the darkness of non-existence by offering us, blindfolds.

It can be challenging to take our blindfolds off the ones used to keep your heart from screaming in pain.

That inner voice is very tempting to embrace it whispers, “This is not happening…” Which soothes our fears and offers a delay to our untreated inevitable outcomes. However, if we decide to take our blindfolds of denial off we can reach the truth and heal whether internal or external factors that are involved in our life experience.

Recovery can occur by confronting the truth hidden within ourselves or our unpleasant hurtful situations. This immersive confrontation is beneficial to our life journey and offers opportunities for us to learn and grow.

person-451713_640Pain is worth confronting even if it means it will bruise our hearts. Avoiding being hurt or not wanting to hurt someone with the truth can only last for so long.The truth is there always lingering in the shadows until it’s acknowledged.

Pain is worth confronting even if it means it will hurt. By practicing denial to avoid being hurt or not wanting to hurt someone with the truth can only last for so long.The truth is always there lingering in the shadows until it’s recognized or exposed.

By confronting pain in these instances where denial is being used to avoid being hurt healing can begin much sooner rather than later if we so choose. Acknowledgment and eventually release of our pain or hurt feelings allows a way for us to recover in a healthy productive way.

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Being A Champion

Winning can seem so close but so very far away at times. And what does it mean to win anyway?

Taking time to reflect on our inward motivation can be so rewarding within itself. As wonderful creative beings, we possess power within to embrace our lives with valor if only we believe and feel we can.Finally, initiating movement, to where we want to be can make being a champion real and obtainable for us.

However, encountering obstacles in everyday life can be a challenge but overcoming them deserves a pat on the back even if it’s coming from yourself.


Having the determination to embrace our life experiences and process them in healthier productive ways enables us to grow and learn even from our most painful and unpleasant involvements too.

In reference to those painful experiences, it’s often within those experiences that we are assisted in our growth that surprisingly ushers in the knowledge needed to prune ourselves into champions.

Anyone can feel like a champion even if we are encircled by loss, seems like a tough concept to sell or accept at times but it’s true. What we believe ourselves to be we become.Our perspective of ourselves and of others actively shape our reality on a daily basis and manifests into the creation of our life experiences.

Our thoughts and feelings are very powerful magnets and if we don’t filter through them properly we can end up with results we really don’t want.

When we allow thoughts of defeat or doubts to slither their way into our conscious perceptions like seeds they plant themselves into the soil being the physical plane. We water these thought-filled seeds with our emotions and feelings and depending on the type of seed we plant the results manifest onto the physical plane in profound ways we often do not realize we initiated.

So being the creators that we are we can really take the bull (life) by the horns and start living as champions by feeling and thinking we already are even against the odds.



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Poetry Muse Tips

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Listening to Your Heart

It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts that we often overlook what our heart is telling us. Thoughts, when associated with profound belief, seem more of a sure tangible fact.But what about our heart and feelings? Our feelings can often elude our dedication mainly when we don’t pay attention to it.

The heart the blood pumping organ within the human body that is often associated also with the core and life essence of our unseen being plays a very important role in manifesting our experiences.Believe it or not.

Through our feelings, we can sense harm, pleasure, or peace within which often helps guide us through our circumstances. It’s our feelings that permeate from the very core of being that vibrates high or low frequencies that disperse energy into varies outcomes depending on which we feed with attention. Our inner intuition is often excused though as mindless misdirected energy. However, the challenge is to begin to observe our feelings as taking a more primary role in our lives not as an enemy to our sanity but as our compass to the truth.

You may have experienced your feelings in intense ways and later as your experiences unfolded discovered that your feelings weren’t wrong. Even though logic did not assist in rendering the concrete evidence at the time it was your inner knowing that revealed the truth of your experience.

This connection to our inner intuition or feelings can be developed and nurtured.When we begin to trust our inner intuition we can begin to discover the truth about ourselves, others, and experiences.

Hence, it is very beneficial for us to take the time to exam our feelings. Your heart just could be telling us something so let’s take the time to listen.

How to Live A Happy Life

Letting go of toxic thoughts and feelings that don’t match up to what we truly desire is the first step to enjoying the life we prefer to experience.

After confronting our true feelings and releasing them we can then begin to embrace the thoughts and feelings we prefer in order to shape our reality into what we desire.

Hence, by shifting our perceptions of experiences and interactions we can reclaim our happiness. Below is a video about how to live a more happier fulfilling life. Namaste.