Roots The Sequel

Act I, Scene I

Near the Dark side of the New Moon. Upsetion and Warlock sit with each other on the ground as they begin to converse.                                                  

Upsetion. It wasn’t fair now, was it? How life dealt its final blow to our impending dreams by shattering them into what seemed to be a thousand and one pieces. Was this broken realization a gift in disguise that faltered?

Warlock. It wasn’t meant for you anyway. Cast your shadows down. You’re not meant to be where you are. If you were even the least bit hostile you could really be a vivid imagination gone wrong. Why do you spend time questioning your reality anyway? Give in to your sense you fool.

Upsetion. There must be a way out of this misery. I shall search within and find it.

Warlock (Smirking with a resounding laugh).Then search you disillusioned fool! What do you think and feel yourself to find? Misery most likely with hurtful results that prove your faults for fantasy.

Upsetion embarks on a journey into the unknown. Traveling all over the moon until the day the illumination of the full moon reaches its peak. Upsetion stops suddenly and Upsetion’s soul softly whispers its truth.

Voice (Whispering softly close to Upsetion’s Heart) You have left your home and now you are here in the now of time. What is that you want?

Upsetion. (Nervosly whispers back to the voice) I…I want to be free…

Voice.Then believe that you are. Do you believe? How does it feel to be free? what do you see?

Yes yes, I believe then. It feels…It feels…Fantastic…I see my dreams I’m there living them it’s so…it’s so beautiful. I’m so happy…

Smiling Upsetion slips into ecstasy and falls to the ground.

Voice.There…you are no longer Upsetion you are, Citrineyes. A new name for a new way of being. Now rise up and live free.

In shock and awe, Cirtineyes arises no longer Upsetion but believing and feeling to be Citrineyes. Suddenly warlock appears as the moon slips into a waxing pose.

Warlock. (Shockingly looks with wonder at Citrineyes) What have you become Upsetion!?

Cirtineyes. (Smiling) I am free.I am free warlock. Can’t you see? The fool is free.

Warlock. (Angereily stares around Citrineyes) No! I don’t see anything.

Citrineyes. (laughing) It is no matter if you can see me free Warlock or not because I can. My dreams are now realized brought into a crystallized form.

Citrineyes then happily then walks away from Warlock knowing that his dreams have been fulfilled.

Source: Roots

Fantasy Beyond the Grim Grillage

Morning struck its flimsy tale bringing with it fresh anticipation to start one’s day. Phantom clouds float briskly against the gray shield above. With each savoring moment the air runs still through the day’s optical illusion. Grenn opens her eyes to the tragedy in her mind. Laying still, though in distress, she rises to sit up with subtle determination.

“How can I be free?” Grenn asks herself softly whispering in the room.

Three knocks thunder into her closed bedroom door. Grenn’s body rattles in shock with each unexpected knock. She shivers with fear. No one should be here but me. Home alone in her own mind she wonders about the unknown knocks with dreadful fear.

“Who…Who is it!?” She shouts with her voice trembling.


Grenn asks three more times and hears nothing but, silence. She rises slowly from her place of rest and cautiously walks towards her closed bedroom door. As she raises her hands to reach for her bedroom door knob. She stops and pulls back her hand hastily. Standing with her eyes glued to her bedroom door she swiftly hears, a soft still voice speaking to her. Grenn suddenly closes her eyes her body still grappling with fear.

“What do you see?” 

“I don’t…I don’t know” she whispers quietly. “Darkness…I see…nothing but darkness.”

Enraptured into a mesmerizing trance Grenn stands in her room silently, her body swaying slowly with her mouth shut and ears open to listen. The gentle soft voice chimes in again with another firm question,

“Are you looking with your eyes or through them?”

Grenn dwells in a pregnant pause. Then with the boredom of her looking glass of darkness all at once she envisions the most beautiful a garden with colorful blooming flowers embedded throughout the lush green grass round about her. The view is so delightful she imagines even the smell of the fresh green grass and the sensuous scent of the flowers fleeing into her nostrils. Grenn’s heart fills with overwhelming joy as she stand in the midst of such a dazzling garden. While being consumed by her vision,she bends with glee  and gently touches the floor, which has become no longer a floor but fertile ground that blooms the most majestic looking flowers that her fingers now begin to graze upon. Lost in her dream, she smiles.

With steady assertion the gentle voice enters her ears again and said,“Now you are, free.”

Opening her eyes Grenn sees her wooden bedroom door still firmly in front of her. Grenn then with abrupt courage opens her bedroom anxiously. Swings the door open her eyes pierce forward ready to greet whatever or whoever is behind it. To her shock her eyes widen as her eyes meet with nothing but the hallway. She slips her head out slowly peaking about everywhere she walks out of her room. Grenn’s heart being to fill with unexpected glee. Silently she whispers against the air, “It’s all Perceptions glare.”

The sun glistens across Grenn’s face. Her eyes open once more, this time the feeling of entrapment looms within her body. Mornings light shines into her room illuminating her room and still body. She lays in shock and awe on her bed. Her mind once again simmers in the tragic play she so often sees by day. Yet, this time feel different something has changed within her. Remembering her dream Grenn shatters those thoughts and repeats to herself,

“Now I am free. For now I look through the eyes and not with it. My perception is cleansed onto a blank canvas today.”

Smiling Grenn arises from her sleep with joy imaging and feeling her life the way she prefers.




The Night’s Call


Prichindel Mic’s (pitic92) Bucket

The night’s call is gentle and sweet. Whispering words flow freely from her lips.The darkness captures suggestive tones towards pleasure. Swiftly, a cool breeze enters the sizzling heat filled room. As the breeze settles within two bodies form impressions under drifting satin white sheets.

The wind takes flight through the nearby window and swiftly caresses their joined skin onto their vast sea of delight. The illuminating light of the moon gleams into the bedroom its light glistens onto the bed casting and revealing shadows within the room.Closer  they move together on the bed soaked with their entanglement. Her nakedness exposed, the sheets peels away as she moves closer. With desperation they quickly embrace into each others arms.Like honey her passion drips against his body each movement sweetened with each touch. Every vibration keeps in sync with the traveling words dripping out her mouth.

In their passionate embrace their arousal builds between them.Cradled in his arms she whispers softly, “I want more.” As soon as the words leave her mouth an overwhelming urge fills his being demanding him to take her.His heart begins to race fiercely pounding beneath his chest.His arousal grows against her smooth thighs. Pulling back from her grasp he looks into her wanting eyes.He moves closer to her beautiful face to kiss her gently on her soft luscious lips. Pressing his lips against hers suddenly he glides his wet tongue slowly down her neck. Her moans peeks with ecstasy as she feels his hand also travel gradually below, towards her womanhood. closing his eyes he gently kisses her shoulder. With each kiss on her shoulder he whispers her name, “Melissa…” Then suddenly a loud intruding sound enters the room blaring to unbearable levels…

Beep.. Beep… Beep

Slade’s eyelids creep open slowly, scrunching at the beaming light within his bedroom.Glaring at his nightstand the beeping and buzzing sound of his cell phone intrusively continues to chime.With annoyance his enchanting green eyes reveal themselves.With an abundance of light the sun’s light shines into his bedroom from a nearby window ushering  in a brand new day. Laying on his backside the remembrance of the the intense passionate dream still lingers within. Like a raging storm his arousal builds. In a trance he recalls the captivating vivid illusion of his dream.

Raising his arms for a much needed stretch Slade begins his normal routine of dismissing his memory as another enticing dream.As he raises his arms he notices something massively peculiar on his right forearm. Shocked, Slade sits up from his bed rubbing his arm in dismay. A green colored tattoo in graphic fonts remained on his arm that read, “Melissa was Here.” Fear gripped him as all he could recall was working late into the evening before retiring to bed…

Like a mummy miraculously rising from its tomb Slade arose quickly sitting upright on his bed. Looking down at his right forearm in despair,nothing.Rubbing his skin repeatedly in awe the tattoo is gone nothing appears tatted on his skin. It was all dream. There was no Melissa and there was no tattoo, he reassures himself with chuckle. With a sigh of relief he laughs briefly quickly removing his bedroom sheets from his body and proceeds to walk to the nearby bathroom.The bathroom door is shut, so he reaches for the door knob to enter.The door seems locked. Puzzlement begins to settle into his consciousness. He continues to rattle the door knob until a soft female voice replies and startles him, “I’ll be out in second baby.” Opening the door abruptly, a beautiful women appears naked, unashamed, and smiling. In shock Slade slowly walks backwards and whispers faintly “Melissa?”

Cheerfully she replies,“Yess my love.”

Just a Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”


The darkness of the night calls for a quiet release to rest. A cold sweat envelops me as I appear to be in comfort, laying upon my bed.My eyes are closed indefinitely slightly swaying casually under my covering eyelids.My eyes wonder beneath my covering eyelids as if gazing upon a large unreachable image.The reality is the illusion that I now passively embrace.It seems I am caught in another realm of existence, a dreamworld. A dreamworld state that now swarms my senses leaving my body still and unresponsive.My breathing is slow and my heart within my chest beats in a steady fast repetitive rhythm.

My body movement has stopped still, but my mind flutters with grim images that alarm me to an horror filled entrapment.Vivid disturbing images of death and destruction appear before me that sends me into a terrifying fright accompanied by an overwhelming desperation to survive the chaos envisioned.

The flight or fight responses shimmers within the essence of my being as I search desperately to flee to safely. Images of infected human Zombies in pursuit, massive random explosions, randomly witnessing death by violence of others, and gazing upon multiple scenes of destruction of what appears to be beautiful places are some of the quick flickering images that pierce my consciousness evoking a ghastly response of sheer terror. Reasoning is repressed within me now limited to the confines of my nightmare.All the imagery seems true, real, and active. All this horror now becomes my new reality.In the mist of all the terror my senses response is to escape some how some way I want to run.Run Away! I shout to myself. Escape!

Suddenly, the terrifying images stop appearing before me. Silence instantly envelopes in the darkness. Slowly the darkness begins to fade as I behold a new image before me. As in a slight distance three darkly red colored closed doors appear before me. Side by side these three red colored doors with shinny round black colored door knobs. The three doors exist present around darkness.I walk slowly towards the doors.

Quickly, I realize as reason grips me again into the confines of the dream, I here a soft whisper, “Choose.”  Within me somehow someplace I comprehend I must choose which door to open. I ponder staring at each door in front of me I walk slowly towards the doors in awe. Gradually, I move towards the appearance of the doors.My eyes remain fixated on all three red doors in sight.

Choose.” I hear again in a soft whisper. I ponder which one to open still. “What are behind these doors?” I wondered within. My hand begins to reach out towards one of the doors now. I decided to reach out and open the door on the right. Slowly, I extend my arm with my  hand ready to grasp onto the black shinny door knob. Reaching onto the door I turn the knob gently. Curiosity peeks within me as I wonder what is on the other side of the door. My hope is not to be hurt or to enter into a frightful environment. The door creeps open the sole noise of an old crackling door pierces loudly through the sea of darkness that surrounds me.

Swiftly a glimmer of bright light appears as I open the door wider.The light is so illuminating the door suddenly burst open as if the light carried such an intense power to swing the door wide open. As the light shines in a white beautiful glow emerges. I cover my eyes as I walk into the piercing bright light. Fully amerced now within the surrounding brightness the light casually breaks. A sole wooden table then appears. I walk towards the table that seems placed within in a fully white covered room. I stand gazing down at the wooden table too see three stone slabs placed together side by side upon the top of the table. I take time to read each slab each having an etched or chiseled word on them. I instantly understand the words… Use, Your, and Gifts. I ponder what seems to be a joint phrase. Then abruptly children enter the white filled room laughing and playing with each other running about not noticing without noticing my presence. I decided to casually walk beyond their play.My puzzlement at the images continue.

Then all at once the room disappears in a vapor like mist and I stood between two dirt paths. One path was rocky the terrain rugged and another smooth and seamless.

As I looked at both paths I turned to see and old man holding a rigged cane slumped over shuffling along towards the rocky rough path.So I run towards him and ask, “excuse me…excuse me. Where am I?”
The old man slowly turns his head towards me and smiled. “This is the valley of dreams my dear.”
“Valley of dreams?” I question, looking at my surroundings with bewilderment.
“Yes.” the old man replies with assurance.
“Where do these two paths lead?” I inquire with desperation to find my way.
“That smooth one there leads to nothing and no where, but this tougher one here my dear, there is treasure at the end a large crown.” The old man looked into my yes his face filled with glee.
“So why do you take this road now if you know that such treasure exists there at the end?”

With saddens the old man looks down at the dirt ground and slowly lifts his head up and says as if reminiscing a vivid memory.”…because my dear I walked that smooth easy path for many days, yes even years and at the end there is nothing.Now I’ve changed direction and want to take this more rougher path to reach the end, the I avoided in my youthful ignorance for desire for easier journey.Its worth it…I realize that now.” Smiling slightly the old man looked ahead at the rough path with delight.

Reflecting on the old mans comments I gently placed my hand on his shoulder smiling with a urgent inclination to offer words of comfort,

“well…better late than never.”

The old man looked up at me into my eyes and smiled with a tender warmth of a smile that also brought a comfort to me.We then both began to walk down the path cautiously navigating through the rough terrain.

With a quick breath. My head on my pillow. My eyes snap open.The morning light fills my view. I lay upon my bed in shock.I sit up quickly and look over at my nightstand. I am alarmed to see an unfamiliar object upon it, a small round rock. I reached out to grab and examine it. One word seemed to be painted in bright red as I held the small solid rock in my hand. Softly I whisper the word written in red upon the rock, Love.