No Qualm No Foul

It’s like a storm that rages in the night but has nothing to do but to destroy whatever stands in its wake.

What am I?


Hate is destructive and makes lands turn into chaotic cesspools of manure.

Yet, it is love that remains strong in the days’ where insolence rules.

Love is productive and makes everything grow. For it is that Love never fails and is the consistent presence of truth that protects humanity throughout the ages.


To Pursue A Mocking Bird


It was in that moment of pursuit that I realized miracles can happen.

Frame-outlands back woods where justice lingers looking for a friend. 

Season-Eyeing the birds waiting for a moment to fly. 

Outback-wilderness speaks and dust picks up in a fury blowing outward onto the grassy knoll.

Flames-Passion has no place among the strong. Energy as no desire for the rich. 

Piles-leaps in the womb until it quivers into the soul for birth. What am I?

Opera-tones that speak in the night until it rings into a message of truth.

Booths-Keep quit the thoughts of many but savor the intrigue. 

Solids-rock hard ambition nestled in with delight.

Plain Jane-Dusty old warlords who can’t get their attitude right.

Peaks-It wasn’t until pleasure kept its word that I took a moment to puke.

Destiny-Fire and Ice. Water and Air. Earth and Breath. Soul and Spirit. 

Wheel-Two steps closer to a dream deferred.

Pain-A substance necessary for growth. Weeds.

Love-Guides in the moonlight. Flickers out into eternity until it stops.


Death-Breeds you for rebirth then shoots you out like a dream.


Fire-cleansing marks that wave for clarity.

Source: Pursue

Apprentice 2.0

It takes a moment before we seek each other in that place we call Love.

Watching the craft of imagination in a continual series of the mind’s eye.

We unfold together watching each other, learning, breathing and growing.

Watering our seeds we unite on a journey together that evokes knowledge. Our deeds speak are motion talks.

Seasons pass and we hold the key and unlock our truth.

Now I know what you know! Or do I?

The test ensues….

Through trial, heartache, and suffering the task becomes complete. Pass the mountains and the range I see a renewed creation.

The world is open and the day is clear to be a master now.


Source: Apprentice

Roots The Sequel

Act I, Scene I

Near the Dark side of the New Moon. Upsetion and Warlock sit with each other on the ground as they begin to converse.                                                  

Upsetion. It wasn’t fair now, was it? How life dealt its final blow to our impending dreams by shattering them into what seemed to be a thousand and one pieces. Was this broken realization a gift in disguise that faltered?

Warlock. It wasn’t meant for you anyway. Cast your shadows down. You’re not meant to be where you are. If you were even the least bit hostile you could really be a vivid imagination gone wrong. Why do you spend time questioning your reality anyway? Give in to your sense you fool.

Upsetion. There must be a way out of this misery. I shall search within and find it.

Warlock (Smirking with a resounding laugh).Then search you disillusioned fool! What do you think and feel yourself to find? Misery most likely with hurtful results that prove your faults for fantasy.

Upsetion embarks on a journey into the unknown. Traveling all over the moon until the day the illumination of the full moon reaches its peak. Upsetion stops suddenly and Upsetion’s soul softly whispers its truth.

Voice (Whispering softly close to Upsetion’s Heart) You have left your home and now you are here in the now of time. What is that you want?

Upsetion. (Nervosly whispers back to the voice) I…I want to be free…

Voice.Then believe that you are. Do you believe? How does it feel to be free? what do you see?

Yes yes, I believe then. It feels…It feels…Fantastic…I see my dreams I’m there living them it’s so…it’s so beautiful. I’m so happy…

Smiling Upsetion slips into ecstasy and falls to the ground.

Voice.There…you are no longer Upsetion you are, Citrineyes. A new name for a new way of being. Now rise up and live free.

In shock and awe, Cirtineyes arises no longer Upsetion but believing and feeling to be Citrineyes. Suddenly warlock appears as the moon slips into a waxing pose.

Warlock. (Shockingly looks with wonder at Citrineyes) What have you become Upsetion!?

Cirtineyes. (Smiling) I am free.I am free warlock. Can’t you see? The fool is free.

Warlock. (Angereily stares around Citrineyes) No! I don’t see anything.

Citrineyes. (laughing) It is no matter if you can see me free Warlock or not because I can. My dreams are now realized brought into a crystallized form.

Citrineyes then happily then walks away from Warlock knowing that his dreams have been fulfilled.

Source: Roots

The Power of Love

The power of love is an extraordinary achievement of the heart. In plain sight of all our emotional aspirations in between presents clear knowledge that in no other way can we realize our truth than to look deep within ourselves.

Love offers clear knowledge that we can ultimately realize truth by looking deep within ourselves. With genuine introspection, our hearts can burst with joy as the establishment of an incrediable sense of delight emerges.  Infused with our passion Love ignites a fiery blaze of purpose and determination.

At its highs, love is sent and returned with fervent diligence to make a happiness a continual delight.Love’s resource is kindness at its core is selfless compassion. Humanity grasps at love because of its innovative power to create.Knowingly and unknowingly Love shines in the darkness propelling us to new heights.


The Journey of Life Continues In 2017

“It’s always hard to deal with injuries mentally, but I like to think about it as a new beginning. I can’t change what happened, so the focus needs to go toward healing and coming back stronger than before.” – Carli Lloyd

In the vast world of uncertainties, one concept remains, choice. 2016 was a year that will live in infinity at least for me personally. It was a tough year of loss and uncertainty much of which took the time to process. Through the grief, pain, and unprecedented heartache, it took a dash of courage and unparalleled divine strength to rise and reach towards my creative destiny.

Every season has its perils and its joys but I’m just glad to enjoy the journey. In the silence as a hermit musing in solitude, lessons can be learned in fascinating ways that challenge the soul and awakens potential. As words of encouragement don’t be scared to confront yourself in the silence alone it may give you the clarity you’ve been searching for once you silence all the other voices that don’t really matter but the sound of your own.

It has been awhile since I took the time to write but it’s not the end of me. My dreams are too big for me to stop. My heart won’t let me give up. My imagination is coming more alive with wonderous adventures that I sense with all my being to already exist for me to experience. With hope as my guide, it is the beacon that keeps me content. Faith is the glue that keeps dreams or desires from wavering from the evidence that claims to declare the truth.Hence, it by faith we can claim down as our anchor and declare positon.

The lesson learned is we have a divine imprint for creativity which can ignite numerous possibilities. Belief is our gateway into our own perceptions. We can create the world we desire or the one we dread with within our own inner self-talk and vivid imagination. Hence, let us strive to be all we can be all we want to be for the betterment of all humanity.

Botton line, we can create the world we desire or the one we dread with within our own inner self-talk and vivid imagination. Hence, let us strive to be all we can be and all we want to be for the betterment of all humanity.

2017 New Beginnings…